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Chemical and petrochemical companies use large amounts of solid catalysts in their industrial plants. Catalyst quality is therefore of the utmost importance. A low-performance catalyst, even if cheap, can cause a significant damage for catalyst change and lost production. A few big companies have equipped research centres, where they can evaluate commercial catalysts before purchasing them, thus avoiding the risk of industrial failure (particularly when the evaluation is repeated by sampling from the whole catalyst batch before loading).
CES is available to all catalyst users to eliminate this risk and to choose the best catalyst among those offered. The cost of this preventive evaluation is by far lower than the money loss coming from catalyst failure in the industrial reactor (consequently acting as an insurance).  
CES is currently available for different catalytic processes such as:
  • ammonia synthesis
  • high-temperature water gas shift
  • low-temperature water gas shift
  • purification of terephthalic acid
  • dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
  • oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde
  • methanol sythesis
Tests on different processes can be developed upon customer’s request.
Physical and chemical tests can be performed on any type of solid catalyst. Customer may ask for a complete set of tests allowing to evaluate any type of solid catalyst.
A group of well-experienced catalysis laboratories are involved in CES, under the supervision of our specialists, and customers can send their personnel to attend the whole experimental work.
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