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ROTAB Series - ASTM D4058

ASTM D4058ASTM D4058

Abrasion in solid materials occurs because of the rubbing of solid pieces against each other (or any mechanical component). The rubbing typically takes place during transportation, in vessels or pneumatic, while loading and during any handling of the material. Abrasion leads to the formation of finer dust and to the consequent loss of precious material or valuable features.

Therefore, abrasion resistance is a property of the utmost importance for industrial catalysts. It also provides meaningful information for other industrial products (pharmaceutical tablets, fertilizers, sugar and ceramics).


ROTAB is a rotating cylinder abrasimeter measuring the abrasion resistance of solid materials (granuls, pellets, etc.).  In the ROTAB-AS/S the rotation rate of the vessel can be set in the range 30-90 rpm.
The constant-rotation version of the instrument (ROTAB-AS) features a fixed rotation rate of 60 rpm.
Both instruments were designed according to the ASTM standard method ASTM D4058, covering the particle size range 0.85-20 mm, and feature a removable drum for dry box opening.
Measurements can also be performed on larger size materials. 



Both Rotab-AS and Rotab-AS/S feature a touch screen display to operate the instrument.

ROTAB-AS/S and ROTAB/AS are compliant with CE specifications and ASTM standard ASTM D4058.

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