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ATTRI Series - ASTM D5757


Any powder, when moved, is subjected to attrition phenomena, leading to the undesirable formation of fines. The measurement of attrition resistance is therefore indispensable, in particular for powders used as catalysts in both fluid bed and slurry reactors.

ATTRI-AS/MFC is an instrument for measuring the attrition resistance of any type of powder. It is based on the air jet principle and strictly follows the ASTM standard method ASTM D5757. Nonetheless, it can also be used according to different procedures. Typical powders to be measured are in the range 10 - 180 micrometers.

ATTRI-AS/MFC is composed of a special stainless steel attrition tube, where the powder is stressed by high-speed air jets, coming from precision-drilled sub-millimeter nozzles. They provide an accelerated simulation of the attrition phenomenon occurring in reality during a period of months. Ahead of the attrition tube a glass-made settling chamber allows to look at the powder during the treatment. Both the air pressure and the flow rate measurement instruments are located before the attrition tube. Finally, a fines collection filter is located ahead of the settling chamber. The air flow can be humidified through a water saturator. The percentage loss of fines after a specified time of treatment gives a measurement of the attrition resistance.

ATTRI-AS/MFC features a mass flow controller (MFC), allowing an accurate measurement of the air flow, and is compliant with CE specifications and ASTM D5757.

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