CRUSH Series - ASTM D4179, ASTM D6175, ASTM D7084

ASTM D7084ASTM D6175ASTM D6175ASTM D6175
 ASTM D4179ASTM D4179ASTM D4179
 ASTM D7084  

The crush strength is the resistance of a solid to compression, a property of paramount importance not only for industrial catalysts, but also for ceramics, pharmaceutical tablets and many other solid materials. In the case of catalysts it is noteworthy that many plant shutdowns occur due to mechanical failure of the catalyst (and not due to its loss of activity).

ImageCRUSH-BK, compliant with ASTM standards ASTM D4179, ASTM D6175 and ASTM D7084 (on Crush-BK 500Kg), is an instrument for measuring the crush strength of solid materials having regular, or almost regular, geometrical shape (like spheres, cylinders, rings and similar).  Their size can vary in the range 1 - 20mm. CRUSH-BK is based on a dynamometer measuring the force progressively applied to the solid sample during the advancement of a piston. The force applied increases until the solid breaks and collapses into small pieces and, eventually, powder. The corresponding value of the collapsing force is defined as crush strength. When the material is composed of irregular particles, the measurement of the so-called 'single pellet' crush strength cannot be performed, but the 'bulk' crush strength must be determined instead. CRUSH-BK allows to make both single pellet (ASTM D4197 and ASTM D6175) and bulk measurements (ASTM D7084) with the same instrument and in its standard configurations features a maximum load of either 300Kg, or 500Kg (different loads are available on request).
CRUSH-SP, applying much lower loads (30 kg max, different loads available on request), is recommended when bulk measurements are not required and the pellets under examination are not very resistant.

Both CRUSH-BK and CRUSH-SP  feature a touch screen display to operate the instrument and visualize the crush peak load (crush strength in Newton).  

The maximum load applicable of CRUSH-BK and CRUSH SP can vary according to customer's requirements (Ma.Tec.'s specialists can assist customers in the selection of the most suitable instrument).

CRUSH-BK/PC and CRUSH-SP/PC are the most advanced configurations of the Crush series instruments, featuring a built-in computer and data-treatment software.

The whole CRUSH series is compliant with CE specifications.







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