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Ma.Tec. Materials Technologies is an Italian company founded in 1999, designing equipment to test the mechanical properties of solid materials.

The idea behind MaTec comes from a simple acknowledgment: the comparison of experimental data coming from measurements performed in different laboratories is often problematic, as small changes in the procedures may result into large deviations from the correct results. To obviate such situation, standard methods of measurement are currently developed by several national and international organizations.

ASTM International in USA is one of the leader standard-setting institutions, being its methods widely followed worldwide. Ma.Tec. has adopted the ASTM standards for catalysts as far as the equipment for abrasion, attrition and crush strength measurements are concerned.

In these years Ma.Tec. has gained the trust of many major players in the petrochemical industry: major companies and research centres worldwide rely on our instruments in order to achieve high quality and reliable ASTM standard measures. Today Ma.Tec. is able to adapt its product range to other industries, such as pharmaceutical and ceramic, and is expanding abroad establishing a comprehensive network of distributors worldwide.

Ma.Tec. mission:

-    Provide our clients with the best standard measure appliances to achieve constant and reliable testing of solid materials
-    Supply state-of-the-art assistance to catalyst users for any kind of problems in their plants



 Ma.Tec. Materials Technologies operates in the following areas:
•    design and sales of instruments for the determination of mechanical properties of solid materials in powders and/or pellets (ASTM standards are followed):
•    abrasion resistance
•    attrition resistance (powders)
•    crush strength (single pellet and bulk)

•    bulk density and electric resistance 

•    assistance for catalyst purchasing and the related industrial operations
•    catalyst testing
•    simulation of industrial catalytic reactors
•    physical and analytical characterization of solid materials
Ma.Tec.’s customers belong to a diversified range of industries:
•    catalyst manufacturers
•    catalyst carrier (aluminas, carbons) manufacturers
•    catalyst users
•    refineries
•    petrochemical companies
•    fine chemical companies
•    ceramics producers
•    pharmaceutical companies